Alpha 0.23: Searching for a Name

It's about that time that we say goodbye to "Custom Wizard". It was never intended to be the name, it was simply stolen from Custom Robo (swapped Robo with Wizard, what a stroke of genius). But besides it being a straggler, it's also time to setup a Steam page. Convenience of automatic updates for playtesters and also time to start collecting those sweet sweet wishlists.

There's this big fetishism in the indie community over wishlists recently. Not that it's unwarranted, I just find it funny. I picture them like crackheads doing anything they can for another wishlist. So it was nice knowing you, I will soon be in the alley behind my apartment with them.

I need everybody's help I can get on this, including yours. If you could comment here or tweet at me (@KeithThomasDev) or shit send me a letter like we're in the 20th century, I'll take it all. Here's the following front-runners:

  1. Millenial Mages
  2. Wizardpunk
  3. New Age Battlemage
  4. 21st Century Wizards
  5. The Battlemage Bracket

Choosing the name is actually a very important part in development. It dictates the theme and personality of the game. You want the name of your game to match the feel and mood and soul of your game as closely as possible. So I'm going to be asking everybody that plays it in the next few days about the name (I have a list of friends that I bug when I need opinions on it).

Thanks for reading. Oh also, check out the dope art that @DonnieArt made for me (I mean, I paid him, but still). Cheers!

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