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Alpha 0.23: Searching for a Name
It's about that time that we say goodbye to "Custom Wizard". It was never intended to be the name, it was simply stolen from Custom Robo (swapped Robo with Wiza...
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Alpha0.21 Update
Alpha0.21 - Two new mages! Can now play as Fiero and Aqua. - Each mage has different movement now. - Arcane has the old jump and blink ability - Fire ha...
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Alpha0.20 Update
Updates - New mage! Well, old mage, new look. "Arc" replaces the generic arcane wizard . His casting animations are a little effed up, but otherwise he's movin'...
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Alpha0.19 Patch Notes
Small patch, just wanted to fix some balance issues I had with the last build. Basically, the enemy's speed was increased, and that made it really hard to actua...
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Alpha0.18 Patch Notes
Hey! Got some decent work done this week. Most of the time was on this bug where the spells don't actually always come from in front of your mage. I fixed it -...
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Alpha0.17 Patch Notes
Knockdown meter shown on top of health bar Adventure mode shows current stats and you can progress deeper Inn node lets you heal Can forfeit in adventure mode T...
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Alpha0.16 Patch Notes
Alpha 0.16 - Spells and their cooldowns are now shown - New city nighttime level - Adventure mode coming along, you can progress a little bit (no real structure...
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Alpha0.15 Patch Notes
- 3 new spells (Water Pillar, Arcane Whirlpool, and Healing Circle) - Battle music and more SFX - New adventure mode (not much to it yet but you can play the fi...