A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

WASD to move.
SPACE to jump/roll/teleport.
Left Click to use primary move.
Right Click (and hold) to use secondary move.


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Alpha 0.23

- Can actually win now (don't get too excited it's just beating round 10)
- New intros for the four playable characters at beginning of each match with SFX
- New revamped UI

Alpha 0.22

- New playable character "Vito"
- New skeleton wizard enemy
- New track for menu and another for combat
- New SFX for Aqua + Ignissa
- Started an "Overworld" concept where you start in a town and access the map from there
- Can pick up the dragon as a pet (random upgrade)
- Battle camera is much more smooth now
- Fixed an absolute shitload of bugs


LinuxAlpha0.23.zip 170 MB
WindowsAlpha0.23.zip 162 MB

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